03 Feb

Watch Trend 2014: Military Style

Military watches never seem to fade in popularity. Perhaps it is their macho appeal or maybe it is the sense of adventure that is associated with them that keeps them relevant.

This type of watch has been tipped to continue to sell in large numbers throughout 2014.

A plethora of different companies are offering luxury military watches that have the rugged aesthetic that is associated with these timepieces but still manage to retain an air of sophistication.

The majority of these watches are relatively cheap at under five hundred dollars.


Seiko Military Watches

The Seiko SNDA57P1 is one of a number of well-designed military watches that Seiko has released throughout the years.

Seiko has been responsible for a number of different macho-yet-chic military style watches, including the SNDA57P1, which is a military style chronograph. This watch has a 43.2-millimetre case and is 11.2 millimeters thick but avoids wearing big on the wrist, meaning that it will still appeal to those who aren’t fans of large watches.

It has a great look, the dial is clearly laid out and the chronograph contains a 1/20-second counter, which is a novel feature.

The Seiko 5 Military Automatic Sports SNZG09K1 SNZG09 SNZG09K is another Seiko military watch that is well worth taking a look at.

It is an extremely aesthetically pleasing watch and its beauty is not just skin deep, as its 23-jewels 7s36c movement is truly top notch.


Swiss Military Trooper

The Swiss Military Trooper is another stylish yet highly functional military-style watch.

Swiss Military is another brand that is known for its high quality military timepieces.

Its Trooper watch is a prime example.

It has a simple, uncluttered dial and a Swiss precision Quartz Ronda 6004.D movement.

This watch perfectly demonstrates the way in which modern military watches can look rugged yet at the same time incredibly slick.


Wenger Swiss Army Military GST Chronograph 78256

The Swiss company Wenger was founded in 1893 and went on to attain a contract from the nation’s military to produce Swiss Army knives.

After a long history of producing these knives, it diversified into watches.

It is little wonder it has produced some good military-style watches, given its background in army equipment.

The Swiss Army Military GST Chronograph 78256 has a Swiss quartz movement that is accurate to a tenth of a second per twenty-four hours.

Its features include a unidirectional rotating bezel that can be used for the measurement of elapsed time, a date display, sixty-second and half an hour and twelve-hour sub-dials.


Avio Milano BK5502 Black Collection Chronograph

Avio Milano is known for creating strong, practical watches that are suitable for hardy outdoor pursuits that might result in the death of a weaker timepiece.

The BK5502 Black Collection Chronograph is more colorful and fun looking than the average military watch.

It has a brightly colored aluminum bezel that displays a tachymeter scale that can be used for working out airspeed and three sub-dials for timing events.

This watch combines the durability and practicality of a military watch with an eye-catching design that makes it stand out from the other timepieces within the military watch genre.

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Images: Swiss Military & Seiko.