Watch travel case


A watch travel case or watch wallet (watch roll) is ideal for transporting your beloved watches when globe-trotting.

Most collectors will find it difficult to choose which timepiece to take with them on a trip and will often prefer to take maybe 2 or 3 watches.  Maybe a Rolex for a business meeting and then a Breitling for a club or wine bar in the evening. Obviously, you can’t take with you the original box, and gone are the days of wrapping your beloved timepiece in a towel or sock.

A travel case or watch roll will allow you to safely transport your watches and protect them from scratches. It is very important for any watch roll to have a padded inner lining. This will stop the leather or lining from leaving surface scratches on the crystal and will also prevent damage from impact.


leather watch wallet - watch roll by Garrick


The Merits Of  A Watch Roll

If like myself, you have a large collection of watches and travel frequently, you will, of course, want to take a few watches with you so that you can swap and change them, according to the situation.

Collecting watches can become an obsession and I am the sort of person who likes to actually wear all of my watches rather than have them sit in a display case or watch winder. I often like to change my watch when in a meeting or going to a restaurant depending on what I am wearing.

Now here lies the problem. How do you safely transport your watches when travelling? Well, this is where a watch travel case comes into its own.  There are many types to choose from, but the most common type are called travel rolls.

A watch roll is normally made of leather and is in the shape of a tube. Inside the roll, there will be a tube filled with foam or some type of stuffing which enables you to fasten your watch around it much like a wrist.

A watch wallet or travel case normally holds two watches and folds together much like a normal wallet. This is normally the preferred option if you want something very small and compact.


Leather watch wallet or watch roll from watch consultant


One very important thing to remember when buying a watch roll is that the roof of the roll must have some kind of padding. Often this is not the case and this means that after repeated trips the crystal or anti-reflective coating on your watch can become marked. If your watch has a bezel, again this needs to be protected. This is often overlooked by most collectors.

A watch roll or watch travel case will fit neatly and snugly amongst your hand luggage without taking up any room. It is by far the best way to transport your watches.

I can remember many moons ago when I used to travel frequently, I would wrap my watches in my socks and roll them up in my luggage. Not a great way to transport my beloved timepieces!

Thankfully things have changed for the better.

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