Watch Manufacturing and Design

As the founder of one of Britain’s most exclusive watch brands, David Brailsford is well aware of the many problems faced when trying to bring a new timepiece to the market. His experience and expertise will help guide you through the initial stages of development and save you from making costly engineering mistakes.

The initial design stages can often be the most complex part of any project. Detailed technical drawings, 3d renders and machine files must all be created to aid in the production of parts. The Watch Consultant can put you in touch with right engineering companies and suppliers or we can take care of the whole project from start to finish.

We offer design, build and consultancy packages and work with approved parts suppliers in both the UK and Switzerland. We can also manufacture parts and assemble watches in our own workshops.

Our Services:

  • Technical drawings
  • Digital renders
  • Wristwatch design
  • Engineering solutions
  • Manufacture and sourcing of parts
  • Technical solutions
  • Mechanical watch movements
  • Micro engineering solutions
  • Manufacturing of dials and watch hands
  • Plating services