The Watch Consultant – Project Management and Advice


What sets The Watch Consultant apart from specialist watch dealers and media platforms is our unique ability to provide expert industry knowledge in our consultancy role to young watch companies setting out on the journey to realise a physical timepiece with their name on the dial.

It’s a perilous road with many often hidden twists to navigate, and considering the myriad sub-projects involved, all requiring individual attention, it’s easy to lose focus, and control of the finances.

The Watch Consultant team excels in the field of watch project management; pairing client with case, movement and component manufacturers for a streamlined, joined-up process from design through prototype evaluation, and on to the finished watch.

We recognise that each project is absolutely unique, with many variables between one and the next, and that’s how we approach each one. We conduct a thorough analysis of the niche, the strengths and weaknesses of the project, as well as those of the targeted competition, evaluating every aspect and weighing all projected costs against budget to achieve the elusive crossover point where quality, pricing and return on investment converge.

Our expertise empowers our clients to identify and settle on the factors which will ultimately determine the fortunes of the watch or collection.

It might be a concept for a commercial fashion collection, where costings are particularly sensitive, powered by low-cost quartz movements, with off-the-shelf non-European case designs, straps and fastenings. Our extensive industry connections mean the choices in the combination of components available are endless and design options limitless.

It might also be a concept for a fine luxury watch, with precious metals and high-grade materials, maybe even boasting a hand made movement with complications, and again we can make these things happen.

Our network of industry specialists reaches through all segments of the watch industry and we are proud to boast our association and working relationships with some of the very finest independent watchmakers of our time, collaborating with the development, modification and even manufacture of exquisite mechanical movements for a very special and truly unique timepiece.

We believe no other consultancy can bring together so many diverse elements to design a success blueprint for the birth of a new watch company.

Contact us to schedule an appointment and let The Watch Consultant facilitate to your watch project – smoothly, professionally and on budget.