13 Jan

Oris Partners With Audi

Mechanical Swiss watch company Oris has announced that it is teaming up with German automobile manufacturer Audi Sport in a global partnership.

Oris has had links to the world of motor sports since the 1970s, when it released the Grand-Prix-inspired Chronoris Grand Prix ’70.

Since then it has released numerous watches that pay homage to these sports, including the Darryl O’Young Limited Edition, which is named after Chinese racing driver Darry O’Young, and the Motor Sports collection.

The partnership will see Audi Sports’ cars displaying Oris’s name on the side of them as they take part in the Le Mans race in France.

The cars will also display Oris’s name and logo during all of the DTM series events that they compete in.


Longstanding Relationship with Motor Sports

Darryl O'Young Limited Edition
Oris has created a number of watches that have been inspired by motor sports in the past, including the Darryl O’Young Limited Edition.

Audi Sport’s racing drivers will also promote Oris by wearing the company’s watches.

The executive chairman of Oris Ulrich Herzog has stated that the partnership with Audi Sports honors Oris’s longstanding commitment to motor sports.

Other Formula-1-related partnerships that Oris has been involved in have been with the WilliamsF1 Formula One team and Scottish Formula 1 driver Allan McNish.

Oris has also drawn inspiration from the world of motor sports for a number of its watch designs, with the skeletonized case of the Darryl O’Young Limited Edition being made to resemble a Porsche racing car wheel and the entire Motor Sports collection being influenced by different aspects of automobiles.


Shared Passion

Wolfgang Ullrich
Head of Audi Motorsport Wolfgang Ullrich has spoke of the shared values between Oris and Audi Sport.

Oris chairman Herzog has expressed his company’s pleasure at being able to partner with a firm that shares its passion for innovation and precision.

He has also stated that his company is pleased to be sponsoring such a successful team.

Audi Motorsport head Wolfgang Ullrich has stated that he is delighted at having Oris on board.

He has claimed that Audi Motorsports and Oris share a similar set of values and that this has created ‘the perfect chemistry’.

It is clear that both companies believe that they will benefit from this move.


More Motor-Sports-Inspired Watches on the Horizon

Although the reasons for these two companies joining forces are clearly commercial in their nature, it is true that motor sports and watch making really do have a great deal in common; they are both centered on mechanical fine-tuning and creating machinery that works in the best possible way.

Oris’s alliance with Audi Motorsports paves the way for the former to create more motor-sports-inspired watches throughout the years to come.

Oris will no doubt continue to try and mimic the excitement of the racetrack and the precision involved in the design of racing cars in the creation of its watches.

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Image: Oris and Erika38.