06 Jan

A sound investment – The Peter Roberts Grand Complication 5

The Peter Roberts Concentrique Grand Complication 5
The Peter Roberts Concentrique Grand Complication 5

When it comes to investing there are few things that are worth a gamble right now.

Whilst some people may consider sticking their hard earned cash in the bank, others may think this is a waste of time – considering that you are lucky to get a maximum of 3% interest and then of course there is the tax to think about! You can certainly see why this is not really an option for the budding investor.

Myself, I prefer to invest in fine art or vintage watches, but this is a very risky business unless you know what you are buying.

There are not many new watches that will rise in value except for ones that are put together by esteemed watchmakers such as Peter Speake-Marin, Stephen Forsey and Robert Greubel or brands such as Patek and Rolex however there is one man that has remained in the shadows for many years and his name is Peter Roberts.

Peter is a veteran of the industry and a very respected and famous watchmaker having worked at IWC and Rolex, being the first Englishman to attend the Watches Of Switzerland Technical and Educational Program (WOSTEP), in Neuchâtel, and working as a lecturer at Hackney Technical College where he taught Peter and Stephen (see above). Peter was also Technical Director at Bremont UK and designed the now famous Mbll and Marine Clock.

Recently Peter has gone into business on his own and realised his dream of producing a watch that he first developed in the 1970s. At the time, this was the world’s first chronograph featuring a remarkable five hands running co-axially from the centre of the dial.

The original Concentrique featuring a Valjoux 72 movement
The original Concentrique featuring a Valjoux 72 movement

Much has been written about the history of this one-off timepiece and for now I will skip this and provide a few links for you to browse at your leisure:

Back to the task at hand which is to tell you about this beautiful watch.


The latest version of the original Concentrique from Peter Roberts
The latest version of the original Concentrique from Peter Roberts

The Grand Complication 5 is a seriously complicated timepiece. Many have written about the watch and its Valjoux movement but not mentioned that the Valjoux 88 is just the base movement.

Back in 1972 Peter added two extra central hands co-axially to his watchmaking school project watch. This was based on a Valjoux 72 which was a simpler version of the 88. With this he created the world’s first Concentrique 5 hand wristwatch.
The mechanism to allow 5 hands to run from the same axis requires extreme precision as the 5 hand central stack has very little clearance. Peter achieved all this originally by use of a drawing board and pure watchmaking all done by hand. Nowadays we have the advantages of CAD and CAM – computer aided design and manufacture – Peter has found this useful for the design of the stack mechanism on the latest Concentrique. His latest Concentrique has a total of 8 hands and 3 other dial indications.

Not withstanding these modern advances in technology, the rest of the movement is built in the classic way and all hand finished. The movement carries several unique Peter Roberts features, for instance : when Peter made the original watch he wanted his own unique style of balance cock, he achieved this with a design he calls the “Sablier” ( the balance cock resembles an hourglass).Peter also likes to use hand blued screws, jewel and screw surrounds with extra large chamfers and extra jeweling where necessary.

A couple of interesting and unique features on the case are the “Zone-Lock” bezel – this runs on 4 ceramic ball bearings and locks very decisively by feel or sight to the 24-hour zones. Keeping to the theme of the bezel, the beryllium bronze used in the bezel insert is a material not used for this purpose before – It has a colour and a beauty that has to be seen to be believed.

The stunning Concentrique in gold
The stunning Concentrique in gold

A wise man (Angus Davies to be precise) once told me that you should only buy a watch because you love it. This is true of anybody who is into horology and myself included, but the fact remains that some people will also buy this watch as a great investment opportunity.

There will only ever be 44 pieces made, 40 in stainless steel and a further 4 in 18-carat rose gold. And now for the best bit, which, of course, is the price, which is an incredible £18,000 for the stainless steel version and £28,000 for the gold. This is truly astonishing considering the watch is hand assembled and built using only the finest Swiss parts.
There are still a few pieces left but not for long. Get yours while you can!

The watches are engraved with serial numbers from 001 to 040.
Let Peter know which serial number you require and he will let you know if it is still available, if not he will suggest an alternative.

You will then be asked for a deposit to secure your watch but remember each one is hand made and will require some time to complete.

Although I don’t like to blow my own trumpet (too much) I can safely say that over the years I have been very successful in all my endeavours which include some very wise investments and for that reason I feel confident enough to recommend this wonderful timepiece as a great collectors piece with great investment potential.

My very own Concentrique
My very own Concentrique

If you have a knowledge of the watch industry you will know that any watch with such an illustrious name and history behind it would normally retail at 3 times the price, however this is not your average watchmaker we are talking about. Peter Roberts would like us to own a part of his dream and you can’t really put a price on that!
It goes without saying that I will soon be the proud owner of this watch and having seen the prototype on my wrist I am now left with the problem of many sleepless nights ahead…..

If you are in need of more information please feel free to contact me at: info@giftfinderuk.com

Please contact Peter Roberts direct at: info@peterrobertswatches.com