14 Apr

François Tauriac is the new managing director of Richard Mille

François Tauriac was born in June 1961. After studying law he began a career as a journalist, following in his father, Michel Tauriac’s, footsteps, who was a world-renowned writer, radio producer and biographer. Now he has taken on a position as the managing director of Richard Mile; but first, a little about his journey.


Early Career

François Tauriac has spent most of his working life at the Figaro Group, where he was appointed to the politics department of the group’s French-speaking daily newspaper. After a long and fruitful stint, he went on to join France-Soir magazine, taking up a position as a reporter.

Throughout the late 1980’s, François Tauriac took up a similar position at TV Magazine; holding the impressive titles of Managing Editor, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher. During his time he promoted the magazine and managed to bring it to the number one spot in Europe by amassing over 17 million regular readers and distributing a print-run of over 7 million copies. This made him a staple asset of the Figaro Group and a key economic contributor.

To co-inside with these achievements, François Tauriac also worked on numerous printing projects; developed the company’s online sector; and established the magazine’s television YouTube channel; “Very Watch.”


Joining Richard Mile

Although François Tauriac has a past in journalism, his passion for the watch industry has been with him since the tender age of 18 when he worked as an apprentice watchmaker for the famed jeweller Jacques Lenfant, his grandfather. Keeping in the family tradition, Tauriac has decided to revisit his past and further his career in an industry that’s very dear to his heart.

According to Watch Quote, François Tauriac’s mission as managing director is to concentrate on brand development by focusing on selective distribution, organisation, logistics and communications. He will be working closely with the brand’s Chairman and CEO – Richard Mile himself – who personally appointed Tauriac in order to devote more time to the group’s marketing strategy; and also to develop new models in the years to come.


About Richard Mile

Richard Mile is a brand of Swiss watches that was founded in 2001 by French businessman Richard Mile. The company’s most famous watches include; the Tourbillion RM 008 and the RM 056. The RM 008 is considered by many to be one of the most advanced watches in the world and has a price tag of 500,000 Euros. In 2005, the company went on to create the RM 007, which was the first ladies’ model in the collection. More recently, in 2013 Richard Mile created the Rafael Nadel RM27-01, which holds the title of the lightest watch in the world, weighing in at only 19 grams (including the strap).

Richard Mile has taken luxury watchmaking to a whole new dimension. When he entered the industry, innovation and technical prowess was his mission. This philosophy has allowed him to sculpt the industry, rather than simply find a foothold in the market – something that very few watchmakers have been able to achieve in the past.

Image: Richard Mile