12 Nov

Complexity And Details Define The Peter Roberts Grand Complication 5

Peter Roberts Watch
The Peter Roberts Grand Complication 5 has quickly become the talk of the horology world.

Simplicity is a sought after quality in life. Humans admire a simple glider over a complicated jet airplane.

We appreciate simple computing machines over complex super computers.

But humans are curious creatures. We want to know how things work. We want to dive into the details and figure out what makes the world “tick”.

That brings us to the new timepiece from world famous watchmaker Peter Roberts.

The Peter Roberts Grand Complication 5 is a modern take on his now world famous and legendary original Wostep creation. He’s had over 40 years of watchmaking experience with Garrard And Company, Rolex and Bremont to name but a few. Peter has also been a lecturer and was the first student from the United Kingdom to attend the original WOSTEP watchmaking course in Switzerland.

Those experiences and a lifetime of ideas led to The Peter Roberts “Concentrique” Watch now known as the Grand Complication 5.

The stunning Concentrique in gold
The stunning Concentrique in gold



The Beauty of Complexity

Simple is nice, but for true watch enthusiasts it’s about the fine details that go into creating a beautiful timepiece that is appealing.

One look at the Grand Complication 5 and you’ll instantly recognize that this watch was made by a beautiful mind. The intricacies of the design are immediately apparent by looking at the many movements, numbers and symbols.

The watch is complex in design, but each element has a specific purpose. This is not a simple timepiece that will tell you the time. This is a true enthusiasts watch that gives you something new to find every time you look down at your wrist.


The Hour and Minute Hands

The most basic movements on any timepiece are the hour and minute hands. They’re the first two items you look for on a watch.

In the case of the Grand Complication 5, the hour and minute hands are truly unique.

The hour and minute hands are red. The color grabs your attention. With so much detail on the face of the watch this was a wise move by the designer. The red immediately grabs you attention letting you know within a millisecond the time.

Inlays in the hands allow for a natural glow during the nighttime hours so you can easily see the movement even if it’s so dark you can’t see the rest of the watch. Seeing only these elements in the dark, however, will want to make you get to a lighted area to once again lay your eyes on the details of the watch.


Peter Roberts

Additional Hands

The second hand is on the top of the complex center where the hands all meet. Cast in stark white, the second hand appears broadly on the face without overpowering the rest of the piece.

The 24-hour GMT hand is yellow, which is an interesting choice for a watch of this fine nature, but it works well as the colors dance together in perfect harmony. The yellow hand touches the outer region of the watch where the 24-hour times are etched on the outer metal edge of the watch.

The orange hand marks the number for the date. Again, the orange is an interesting choice, but it works extremely well in this case. The bright colors all contrast beautifully giving your eye instant recognition when you need a specific piece of information.


Sub Areas

At the top of the watch you’ll find two indicators for the day of the week and month of the year. They’re simple, but stand out right at the top of the dial just under the name Peter Roberts, which serves as another reminder that you have a wonderful timepiece.

Moving clockwise to the right you’ll find the 30-second chronograph.

At the bottom of the face is a two-part inlay. The 12-hour chronograph is visible along with the moon phase indicator giving even more detail and complexity to this beautiful watch.

Finally, at the left position is the 60-second chronograph. It’s another way to count the seconds should you need to for any reason. It also gives the piece incredible balance in design.


Size And Appearance

The Grand Complication 5 sets its own trend when it comes to size. It fits right in the middle at 42 millimeters. The watch will rest comfortably on your wrist drawing the perfect amount of attention.

The modern watch movement seems to be moving toward large watch sizes, but when the trend goes too far even a fine watch can appear large and awkward.

Yet you don’t want something that is too thin or too small. The watch can get lost on your wrist and even you might not realize you’re wearing it.

Peter Roberts must have had a specific size in mind while creating his first official watch. It’s the perfect size that will be perfect no matter what the current trends are today and in the future.


Final Thoughts

History tells us that we appreciate simplicity.

Yet simplicity is not easy to achieve.

True watch enthusiasts want something that does more than tell the time. We need to be able to see details in a watch’s design that piques our curiosity and artful tastes.

The Grand Complication 5 provides the perfect blend of simplicity and complexity.

One look at the watch and you’ll see that it’s not for the average person. There is more information than the normal person would know what to do with.

Each new look at the piece will allow you to discover something new. We’ve discussed some of those elements, but by looking at the images you’ll find something different and appealing every time.

Yet the watch is not complicated. You can immediately find what you’re looking for with a quick glance.

That’s the true beauty of the Grand Complication 5.

The complexity and details define this watch.

It’s a modern work of art in the horology world.


Additional Insight

Much has been written on the Grand Complication 5 in recent months. The watch has caused a stir in the industry not just because it was the worlds first watch with 5 hands from the centre but because of the story behind it and its stunning good looks.

I have written about my love for this watch many times now but this is because I have a true passion for it. I have put my money where my mouth is and actualy purchased one!


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