13 Nov

Zeitwinkel – A Timepiece Built For Life

When you’re a new company entering an established marketplace it’s imperative to be unique.

One way to stand out as something special and different is to do something the established companies are unwilling to do.

Zeitwinkel 273. It took four years to perfect the original watch movement of the Zeitwinkel timepiece.
Zeitwinkel 273. It took four years to perfect the original watch movement of the Zeitwinkel timepiece.

Zeitwinkel is a new brand in the timepiece industry. They’ve put their roots down in the heart of Swiss watchmaking country. The brand and its founders are deeply ingrained in the history of watchmaking, but they’re looking to do something different and special.

As a result, this new brand is quickly earning respect in the industry.

Are you curious about Zeitwinkel and what they’re doing with their original watches?

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Zeitwinkel: The Birth Of A New Watchmaker


Zeitwinkel was established in 2006 by founders Peter Nikolaus and Ivica Maksimovic. The two brought together their love for mechanical timepieces and took four years developing the first Zeitwinkel timepieces.

Knowing that type of dedication to the first model you get an idea for the passion and craftsmanship Zeitwinkel is striving for with their work.

Today, Zeitwinkel is based in the small area of St.-Imier in the Jura area of Switzerland.



The Appeal Of Unique Watch Movement

The founders have a passion for mechanical movements. The first four years of development on the first Zeitwinkel model were spent perfecting an entirely new and unique watch movement.

Zeitwinkel Movement

Where other watchmakers shy away from this approach, Zeitwinkel saw opportunity. The founders, watchmakers and everyone at the company was willing to do something other brands would not as a way to create something truly special in the timepiece industry.


Real Swiss Made

“Swiss Made” is a common phrase in the timepiece industry. It represents watches made in Switzerland with Swiss parts, but Zeitwinkel took things beyond the normal requirements.

Most components are “Swiss Made” with a few sourced from Germany. There is true German silver used on certain parts of the watch. This type of silver is used for a unique patina that develops over time.

It’s for this reason that the company is proud to think of themselves not only as “Swiss Made”, but as “Real Swiss Made”. They proudly make their home in the heart of Swiss watchmaking country and use only the finest Swiss components.


The Zeitwinkel Collection

Zeitwinkel currently has four models in its collection:

  • 312º
  • 032º
  • 181º
  • 273º

Each model adds an additional movement starting with the hour and minute hands to the date movement, the second movement and finally ending with the 273º model, which has all three movements and an additional power reserve indicator.

Zeitwinkel 181° small seconds
Zeitwinkel 181° small seconds

All four models are available with either a black or white face to go with a high quality black leather strap.

Each product is elegant in design.

The design incorporates elements of vintage timepiece design while also using modern appeal. You won’t mistake this watch for a vintage design and you also won’t mistake it for something too modern with a glut of movements and flash.

Another unique aspect on the 273º is the date display at the 11th hour position. This is unique to Zeitwinkel and was patented in 2013.It is a characteristic that further establishes this new brand as something unique in a crowded marketplace.



A Timepiece For Those That Appreciate History And Craftsmanship

The price for a Zeitwinkel begins at just under $7,000USD and ranges up over $10,000USD. These prices put the Zeitwinkel models in strong competition with many other more established Swiss watchmakers.

It’s not an easy marketplace to enter, but that’s why Zeitwinkel’s founders took on the challenge to create something that the established players could not.

A lot of time went into creating the Zeitwinkel timepiece. Traditional watch enthusiasts will appreciate the fine details that take place inside the watch. They will also appreciate the unique style that blends vintage with modern.

Zeitwinkel moves at its own pace. They’re not going to rush to market with new models. They spent years perfecting their movements and they’re going to take their time developing new models in the future.

The feedback on the current models seems to be positive. People seem to be attracted to the model and that bodes well for the company.

While relatively new, it seems they’re already building a strong base of fans throughout the world.

In a few decades we might be looking back on the birth of Zeitwinkel and reflecting on the original models that quickly became something people would cherish.

That is what has people believing that Zeitwinkel is a true timepiece for life.

What are your thoughts on the Zeitwinkel brand and its current models?

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