The Watch Consultant

The Watch Consultant offers a range of professional services, tailored specifically to provide assistance, direction and support to budding watch companies as well as to established companies in the watch sector. Our expertise in this very exclusive field puts your concept on rails, with the objective to instil a project blueprint which is efficient, lean and focussed.

Led by serial entrepreneur and owner of the Garrick Watch Company, David Brailsford, his network of watch industry connections in all sectors which extend right around the world, as well as his own hands-on experience, mean The Watch Consultant is ideally positioned to offer management consultations and guidance to those companies and individuals behind the emerging watch brands of tomorrow.

Offering a fully 360° service, from professional business consultation right through to sourcing rare and hard to find luxury watches, The Watch Consultant team’s extensive experience is your asset, and we are here to save you valuable time and resources.


David Brailsford founder of Garrick

My Story

My name is David Brailsford, and I am an accomplished entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in creating companies that thrive. I am also a renowned luxury timepiece consultant with expertise in locating and sourcing vintage pieces and selling them to select clients worldwide.

For the last few years, I have been providing a successful watch finder service, seeking out rare vintage watches and advising on their investment potential. My watch industry expertise is unparalleled, and I have developed a network of global contacts, including leading journalists, watchmakers and collectors.
I am an experienced project manager and have expertise in manufacturing and sourcing for start-ups.

Additionally, I am a collector of antiques, fine art and Swiss watches.

My passion for watchmaking has enabled me to develop unique friendships with many international watch brands, journalists and watch manufacturers.

I am the founder of British luxury watch brand Garrick.
Garrick builds handcrafted timepieces in their own workshops in Norwich.

Building an exclusive international watch brand over a period of 18 months is probably my greatest achievement. I have learnt everything there is to know about engineering, design, PR and watchmaking.

I work closely with other brands to promote independent watchmaking.


Dedicated To Fine Timepieces

David is a fanatical watch collector and over the years has formed great friendships with many independent watchmakers and micro brands.
Some of these brands are relatively unknown and yet, produce some of the finest watches in the world.

David aims to bring these unique watchmakers to public attention and promote the art of fine watchmaking here in the UK.



Zeitwinkel 273 watch

  • We started our journey in the year 2008

What our customers say

Having spent many hours building a following for ESCAPEMENT, populating my website with quality content, I have become emotionally attached to its on-going success. I was, therefore, cautious when entrusting the redesign of my website to a third party. Thankfully, David Brailsford, with his impressive understanding of the watchmaking industry, assuaged my anxieties, proving a consummate web design expert. Indeed, moving forward, I have now engaged David to maintain my website and ensure it continues to deliver an enjoyable experience for our loyal visitors. 

Angus Davies

I have recently used the services of David at Dave Brailsford Consulting, and would like to thank him for the great service provided. Direct talking, to the point, no-nonsense and completely honest, David was excellent. David gave some great advice. I’d like to say thanks again for the help, and I’d recommend David’s services to anyone.

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