Luxury Timepiece Consultants

A unique team consisting of watchmakers, journalists and industry experts.


David Brailsford is a renowned collector and luxury timepiece consultant. Having worked in the industry for many years, David has formed unique relationships with many of the world’s most exciting and exclusive watch brands.

Some of the world’s most renowned watchmakers form part our team which enables us to offer a unique consultancy service offering manufacturing advice and industry information.


The handcrafted Portsmouth watch by Garrick England

Why Modern Men Wear Watches

Why do modern men wear watches?     Many people of older generations consider a

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Watchmaker Andreas Strehler

Andreas Strehler – Master Watchmaker

Andreas Strehler – Master Watchmaker – AHCI Member     Andreas Strehler, a brief introduction.

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The Gronefeld brothers

The Grönefeld Brothers

Grönefeld Brothers    Dominating the skyline of the Dutch city of Oldenzaal is the church

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The Zeitwinkel 273 watch

Zeitwinkel – Independent Swiss Watchmakers

Zeitwinkel Swiss Watch Manufactory   Although a relative newcomer to the ranks of fine watchmaking,

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